In making your donation, may you know the joy of giving and that your gift helps to support the mission of Christ's Church Cathedral, enable our community programs and sustain our ministries.

If you wish to send us a monetary donation by way of a cheque, you can send it to Christ’s Church Cathedral, 252 James St N, Hamilton, ON L8R 2L3.

We ask that you please do not mail cash.

There are other ways to participate and support the Cathedral. Over the years, some parishioners have left a legacy to the Cathedral through gifts from their estates, which is called a charitable bequest. It translates as a direction in your will with instructions to your executor(s)/trustee(s) to leave one or more of your assets to a charitable organization(s). Through a charitable bequest, your estate will achieve significant tax savings from your gifts; also, it is a simple way to leave a long-lasting legacy at no immediate cost to you.  If you would like to include the Cathedral as a charitable bequest, please contact us.

Your gifts of time, talent, and treasure makes a real difference in the lives and hopes of many. Thank you for taking the time to consider other ways of giving and to the desire to create a long lasting legacy. Other ways to consider for donation are: stocks, mutual funds, planned gift and legacy gifts. If you would like to explore other ways to give monetary support, please contact us