The Anglican Foundation of Canada was created in 1957 by a motion of General Synod to provide Anglicans a place where they can donate funds or leave a bequest to support ministry all across Canada.  AFC invites every parish and diocese to become a member with a $50 or $100 annual donation. Each diocese may also apply for funding three times/year, and individuals may apply for bursaries and grants for educational programs.

SINCE 1957, OVER $25 MILLION HAS BEEN GIVEN by the Foundation for parish construction and renovation, theological education, choir schools, summer camps, children’s hospice care, homework clubs, leadership training and development, community outreach projects, accessibility ramps, musical composition, and all kinds of innovative ministry.

AFC encourages parishes and individuals to reach for the sky with imagination and innovation.  At your Foundation, galaxies of imagination have generated ground-breaking ideas creating faith communities that flourish. We're helping children and young people become responsible stewards and dynamic leaders. We’re helping refresh dated infrastructure. We’re helping build strong faith communities every day.

If you would like to know more about the Anglican Foundation of Canada, go to our website.