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We are currently looking for volunteers to learn how to manage our sound board and livestream our Sunday morning service.  Candidates for this ministry are required to work well as part of a team, be familiar with the Sunday liturgy (in order to direct the cameras to the correct location), have reasonable computer skills, and enjoy acquiring new tech skills.  Specific duties involve connecting to the Cathedral's YouTube link, turning mikes on and off as the service proceeds, and directing the cameras.  

Training and checklists for Sunday use will be provided.  When scheduled, volunteers will need to be at church about 45 minutes before the service to check equipment and mikes and stay about 15 minutes after the service.  

The benefits of this ministry include:  facilitating access to CCC's Sunday liturgy for those who might not otherwise be able to attend, the chance to connect with new people, and the opportunity to learn new tech skills.  If you'd like to shadow tech our volunteer coordinator, Gen, over the next couple of weeks to see what's involved before making a commitment, please email or call  (905) 807-2596 Warden Elizabeth Wensley as soon as posible.