Stewardship is a core Christian practice rooted in Scripture. We are called to give generously, regularly, and sacrificially, in response to God’s abundant love. Knowing even a small percentage of our estate can go a long way, we consider the church’s future ministries in our wills, too. As stewards of all the resources and environments God has entrusted to our care, we talk openly - and gratefully - about money and we pray for guidance in our decisions.

If you’re a contributor of time, talent, and treasure to the Cathedral’s ministries, thank you! If you’re new to us, or just want to support our essential urban core ministry, it’s easy to give. For more information about our year-round stewardship program, and the transformative impact your contribution makes, contact us.

It's sometimes hard to be spontaneously grateful for God's gifts.  One useful tool to nurture our spiritual and mental health is the practice of keeping a gratitude journal.  Click here for some information from the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley on how to do this effectively.  What a great way to focus our prayers of thanksgiving!