In response to the ever-present housing crisis and to provide a warm and welcoming experience to friends in need, the Cathedral in partnership with St. Matthew's House, Hamilton Out of the Cold, and 541 Eatery and Exchange, will be opening Cathedral Café from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday.

If you are interested in being an on-site volunteer, please email or call Kerry Lubrick, Centre Coordinator at  or 905-679-2818.  

If you are able to offer off-site support or to make in-kind donations, please connect with David Savage at  or 905-520-5173.  

Hospitality supplies:  snacks (baked muffins/cookies), juice, milk, cream, cheese or other
Program Supplies:  books, games, seasonal clothing, shoes, socks, etc.

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The Cathedral Café is funded in part  by the City of Hamilton and by donations from the Cathedral's parishioners and friends throughout Hamilton and beyond.