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Sing with the Spirit!

The Psalm writer says, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord”. This is the way that God’s people at worship (The Church) have praised their Creator for over 2000 years. Singing as a community is very important to us here at the Cathedral. It links us together and meets us at an emotional level.

One voice joins with another and before long the entire building resounds with music. Everyone has a voice and if you don’t get all of the melodies and the words right away, someone else sitting next to you likely is and you can lean into them. What a sound though when everyone is singing together making a “joyful noise to the Lord”.

Cathedral 1We sing before worship begins to center ourselves. We sing songs about our faith (hymns) in our worship time written recently as well as some 1500 years ago. Members of the congregation as well as guest brass and other musicians bring their instruments to further enliven the musical spirit. We also use music to meditate at quieter times of the liturgical year and through special services of Compline and Evensong. We also want to our honour our musical traditions as well as to uncover newer expressions of our faith.

The Organ leads the singing with sounds which are meditative on the one hand and majestically uplifting on the other. As a breathing instrument, it “paints” the meaning of the words in hymns and psalms. Choir 1

The Choir supports the congregation’s singing as well as animating the scripture and liturgy with a voice of its own. They sing each Sunday at 1030 and rehearse Thursdays 1930-2100. Everyonecomes with a varied musical background but, ultimately, it is about singing as a group. We will give you the tools to sing, you just come with the desire to bring your own voice.


Director of Music Ministries

Michael 1MICHAEL BLOSS leads the music at the Cathedral with a view to enhancing and animating the Song of God’s people at worship. He does this with attention to choral, instrumental and congregational music and strives to include all in the expressions to which they aspire.

He has developed a celebrated reputation for animated performances, sensitive collaborative playing and illuminative coaching. In an enviable career of touring, performing and recording throughout the world, he was the first Canadian to be awarded the designation of Preisträger at the International Bach Competition in Leipzig, Germany playing in Bach’s own church. J.S. Bach remains his first and best love. Previous appointments have included respected tenures at the Cathedral Church of St. James and Timothy Eaton Memorial Church, Toronto as well as First (Park) Congregational Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Michael would love to hear your story! Contact him at the Cathedral, 905-527-1316 ext. 220 or

Organ 1For information on the Cathedral Organ, please click here CCC Organ.