Christ's Church Cathedral

A place of community, compassion and hope


Is parking available?

The cathedral has parking available for parishioner use at the rear (east side) of the building.   Right next to our parking lot, there is also a small city lot which can be used on Sundays at no charge.  Both parking lots can be accessed from Hughson Street.  Please note that Hughson Street is one-way northbound.  To view map of nearby city parking lots # 36, and #70, please click here.

Is the Cathedral accessible?

There is an accessible entrance at both the front and rear of the building.  Once in, a wheelchair lift is available for entrance into the cathedral proper.  There is also an elevator providing access to other parts of the building.

What should I wear?

Long gone are the days when only your “Sunday best” would do.  For the most part, we simply suggest comfortable clothing.

Is there an active congregation?

We have a lively, open, and accepting congregation, many of whom travel a distance to attend.  They come for many reasons – to worship God, to receive mutual support and fellowship, to enjoy the music, and to help in the outreach to others.

How do I become a member?

Once you decide that Christ’s Church Cathedral is for you, please complete our “new member” form.  This is not an application – all are welcome – rather it is your declaration that you have chosen Christ’s Church Cathedral as your place of worship.  It also gives us sufficient information to communicate with you and to include you in our various activities.

How can I volunteer?

There are many volunteer opportunities at the Cathedral.  As a parishioner, you will be included in one of our Service Teams  which provides volunteer opportunities during services.  In addition, our Outreach Committee frequently requires volunteers for a range of activities throughout the year.  If gardening is your passion, helping out with maintaining Bishopsgate from spring to fall is also an option.    And there’s much more.  The easiest way to volunteer is to simply declare your interest by contacting the Church Office.

How do I join the choir?

Our Director of Music Ministries, Michael Bloss, would be pleased to speak to you about joining our choir.  He can be reached at  or by calling the church office at 905-527-1316.

What is Baptism all about?

It is in the act if baptism that we become part of the ‘body’ of the church, and through which we become incorporated into the life and death of Jesus.  Baptism is the full rite of initiation into Christ’s body; it is unrepeatable and offered on behalf of the whole church, not as part of a particular denomination.  One is not baptized an Anglican nor a Lutheran nor a Roman Catholic, but rather one is baptized into Christ’s holy catholic church, according to the rites of a particular church.  Baptism is an act of the gathered community and, as such, is offered on Sunday mornings at particular times of the year:  notably Easter (particularly at the Great Vigil of Easter on Easter Eve), Pentecost, All Saints,  and the Sunday on which we remember Jesus’ baptism, usually the third Sunday after Christmas.  We invite any and all who may wish to explore baptism to contact the Cathedral Office;  a simple preparation is offered, and we enjoy so much being part of baptisms and in welcoming new Christians to the community.

How can I arrange my wedding at the Cathedral?

We’re delighted that you’re interested in being married at the Cathedral.  The Cathedral is an amazing venue and can only add to making your wedding day as perfect as can be.  To get you started, please consult our Wedding Brochure.  We invite you to contact the Cathedral Office should you wish to continue the conversation.

I need to arrange a funeral.  What should I do?

Please contact the Church Office either by email or call 905-527-1316.  For information about our Columbarium, please click here.

How can I make a donation?

There are several ways to donate.  You can  donate via e- transfer, on line, by mail (please do not send cash) or by placing your donation on the collection plate during services. Please note that we are a registered charity and will issue tax receipts for donations in excess of $20. For full details please click on Ways to Donate.