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Music in December

December 1                                    Advent 1

Organist: Michael Bloss                                                     

10:30    Choral Eucharist with Litany and Lessons and Carols in Procession
Organ    Now Come, Saviour of the World – J.S. Bach

Service   Lutheran service V
Hymns   Longing for Light, Come Now, O Prince of Peace, Hark a Thrilling Voice is Sounding, Prepare the royal highway, People Look East, Earth Was Waiting, 114
Carols: Palestrina: Matin Responsory; Ord; Adam lay ybounden; Guerri; Montes et omnes colles; Poston: The tree of life; Gardner: Tomorrow shall be my dancing day; Blackwell: Lo, how a rose;

Organ    Nun komm den Heiden Heiland – J.S. Bach

19:00    AIDS Vigil
Anthems             Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen – Trad.; Hold Me, Rock Me – Tate

Hymns   Day is Done, Make Me a Channel of Your Peace

December 8                         Advent 2

Musicians: David Low, Brad Barnham                                              

10:30    Choral Eucharist
Prelude  TBA

Service   Lutheran service V
Hymns   106, 101 (vv. 3 and 4),108, 100, 102

Psalm     72:1-7, 18-19 – Chant:  Elvey in E-flat  
Anthem  Montes et omnes colles – Matthew Guerrieri

Organ    TBA

December 15                                  Advent 3

Organist: Michael Bloss

10:30    Choral Eucharist
Prelude  Schmücke Dich, O Liebe Seele – Johann Sebastian Bach

Service   Lutheran service III
Hymns   111, 101 (vv. 1 and 2),Wild the Man and Wild the Place, 78, 91

Canticle 18         – Chant: Attwood in E-flat
Anthem  How lovely are the messengers – Felix Mendelssohn

Organ    Point d’orgue – Johann Sebastian Bach

December 22                                  Advent 4

Musicians: David Low, Brad Barnham                                                          

10:30    Choral Eucharist
Organ    TBA

Service   Lutheran service V
Hymns   362, 96 (vv, 1-2, 3), Mary, Woman of the Promise, 97, 117
Psalm     80: 1-7, 17-19; Tone – VIII, 2
Anthem  A Hymn to the Virgin – Benjamin Britten

Motet     Lo, how a rose – David Blackwell

Organ    TBA

December 24                      Christmas Eve

21:30    Congregational Christmas Carols and Organ Music

Carols   153, 135, 148, 141, 118

22:00    Procession and Choral Eucharist
Service   Mathias communion service

Hymns   118, 146, 148, 121, Come now, O Prince of Peace, 138
Psalm     96 – Chant: Attwood in G
Anthem  Torches – Brian Emery
Motets    What sweeter music – John Rutter; Candlelight Carol – John Rutter
Organ    “In dulci jubilo” – J.S. Bach

December 25                            Christmas Day

10:00    Holy Eucharist with Carols

Carols    118, 135, 132, 137, 153

December 29                                  Christmas 1

Music for the end of the year presented by Caroline Bloss, soprano and Brad Barnham, piano.

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